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Formazione alta e qualificata
La fabbrica scuola delle competenze 4.0

SMACT è il punto di riferimento per sviluppare efficacemente le competenze innovative nella tua azienda perché:

/ è il più ampio ecosistema di incontro tra ricerca e tecnologia grazie ad un network che coinvolge tutte le università del Triveneto e oltre 50 aziende: mette a disposizione le migliori competenze per accompagnare la crescita dei tuoi collaboratori;

/ la formazione SMACT è efficace perché pratica ed esperienziale: le tecnologie si possono applicare nelle 5 sedi dimostrative localizzate in Triveneto;

/ la formazione SMACT è certificata ISO 9001-EA37 e riconosciuta dal Ministero delle Imprese e del Made in Italy: può essere finanziata con i Fondi Interprofessionali o con qualsiasi altra forma di agevolazione disponibile per l‘azienda.

Scopri la nostra offerta formativa!

Digital Transformation Training

Knowing to govern the digital transition

Digital Transformation Training (DTT) is our continuous training program for managers, entrepreneurs and professionals who must today understand the contents "behind the slogans" of Industry 4.0, acquire analysis tools to inform business choices by learning from the best.

The DTT condenses the skills and experiences of excellent academics and advanced companies into short training modules, in person or via the web.

Corsi per le imprese
Corso di Formazione per adulti

SMACT and Fòrema courses

Formazione dedicata alle tecnologie emergenti

In collaboration with Fòrema , a company training organization with forty years of experience in Padua

From June to November 2021 , the best academics and hottest topics in digitization await you

Corso di Formazione per adulti

Courses for companies

Tailor-made courses tailored to your needs

47 possibilities that can be activated , 47 different paths with the possibility of customization both for individual companies and for heterogeneous groups, on any vertical, technology or application of Industry 4.0 , also according to the facilities available.

Are you interested in Up-skilling and re-skilling with the most advanced researchers and the most innovative companies?

DSC05228-ok (1).jpg
Corso di Formazione per adulti

Case study: Corvallis

Re-skilling cybersecurity

SMACT organizes facilitated cybersecurity training for Corvallis employees with Foréma. A strategic up-skilling to preside over a growing market, carried out with the excellence of university research.

Corso di Formazione per adulti

Industrial Cyber Security Specialist

2000 hours of classroom training, projects and internships

In Padua with the Veneto Mechatronic Foundation we organize the ITS “Industrial Cyber Security Specialist” course. An experimental course that aims at the recognition of educational credits towards the three-year degree in computer science.

In the current year we are training 23 super-technicians, and we select companies for internships.

Image by Philipp Katzenberger
Corso di Formazione per adulti

Higher technical institutes

School-work project

We collaborate with the ITS to encourage the training of super-technicians that local businesses are in great need.
The challenge is on the one hand to ensure the preparation of students for economic operators through coordinated paths with companies and the most advanced research, on the other hand to improve the perception of students and families towards paths that offer great career opportunities and can enter also university training.

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