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Our mission is to make every company also a 4.0 innovation lab and every 4.0 innovation lab also a company

What is the Competence Center?

50 research and business partners
1 Innovation ecosystem

SMACT is one of the 8 Industry 4.0 Competence Centres established in Italy on the initiative of the Ministry of Economic Development. It is a public-private partnership that brings together the 4.0 competences of research, technology providers and early adopter companies.


SMACT was born in North-Eastern Italy by grouping all the stakeholders of the territories and beyond with skills and experience in Digital Transformation, and wants to be the enabling platform that allows the entire production and social system to face the future and create value in the process.

SMACT news and projects
La nostra Missione

Our Mission

SMACT is a platform for the creation and sharing of value in the digital transformation processes of companies

SMACT is the bridge that leads the digital transformation in companies by declining the term "innovation" not only on a technological level, but also on a strategic, social and environmental level. SMACT intends to establish a virtuous circle in which the Digital First approach can find balance in the Human Centered approach, making the benefits of the digital transition "touch".

With a constant eye on the future.

The 3 core principles of SMACT




SMACT creates composite actions that incorporate, multiply and share relationships
already existing, giving them a structured form that enhances their capacity for innovation.

Innovating is a process, a transformative path that must be undertaken together, giving life to an ecosystem of interconnected subjects. From universities to providers, from companies to research centers, up to the institutions.

SMACT is not merely a container traversed by processes external to it,
but it constitutes itself as a creator of new virtuous connections and an accelerator and multiplier of existing operations.

What do we do?

We support companies in digital transformation
through 3 main business lines

Technological focus

How do we do it?

SMACT focuses on the "light" technologies of digital transformation, those most suitable for a varied and highly flexible network of enterprises. We work on the convergence between OT and IT, atoms and bits.

Robot Computer

Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT)

We work on the convergence of artificial intelligence with connected objects

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