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ODEON project

Knowing, to govern digital transformation


ODEON project

The Padua Chamber of Commerce makes available, with the support of the highly specialized competence center SMACT, a matching and coaching service open to the members of the Veneto Data Hub and to the finalists of the Odeon Hackathon.
The service provides a one-to-one orientation activity for those who request services from researchers and technology providers, for the purpose of developing innovation projects related to open data.


This activity is a precious opportunity to develop your own innovative business idea by comparing yourself with researchers, experts and companies belonging to this unique reality in our territory.

In order to make this service effectively calibrated to the concrete needs of the applicant, using the IRISS process, the collection of the description of the project idea is required on the basis of the forms below.


In this way it will be possible for researchers and technology providers to better respond to requests.


For further explanations and insights you can consult the Agenda of the Technical Director of SMACT at the link below:

LOGO_ERDF_odeon En[4557].jpg


Intervention plan

Download the intervention plan

Project budget template

Download the project budget template

Purchase procedure

Download the purchase procedure

Financial plan template

Download the financial plan


The Padua Chamber of Commerce as part of the Odeon Project : Open data for Open InNovation , funded by the European Interreg MED Program, in collaboration with SMACT, the Triveneto Competence Center, organized a cycle of 3 meetings on the data economy for the purpose to exploit the opportunities offered to companies and public bodies by the predictive exploitation of Open Data and Linked Open Data.

Download the presentations of the speakers and watch the videos!

Webinar November 26, 2020

Download the presentations of our webinars

Webinar November 19, 2020

Download the presentations of our webinars

Webinar November 12, 2020

Download the presentations of our webinars

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